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Railroad Brake

Company: A leading manufacturer of railroad brake systems and equipment.


Challenge:  Develop a new supply of specialized friction parts for existing and new brake products. The friction parts must meet or exceed stringent company, industry and regulatory standards. Simultaneously, the solution must reduce costs to support Company’s pricing strategy in a highly competitive market.


ProTec Solution:  Because the project was time sensitive and because regulatory approvals are required for all brake system components, ProTec collaborated with the Company to understand engineering requirements and limitations, and through all phases of design, testing and approvals. By deploying its network of friction application engineers, ProTec quickly sourced the optimal combination of materials and manufacturing systems, achieving a 35% savings.


As demand for the Company’s brake products continues to rise even as monthly requirements fluctuate, ProTec provides a reliable supply chain to assure the Company has precisely the parts they need, when they need them. ProTec lays in back-up inventories of specialized raw materials and finished product, In addition, ProTec continually certifies materials through an exhaustive ISO 9001 Quality Control at each stage of the manufacturing and delivery process. 


With nine years of successful deliveries by ProTec, the Company has one less thing to worry about in supplying and serving its customers.




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