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Friction by Material Code

The table below lists some of our most popular friction materials. You can sort the list by Code Number, by Composition and by the nominal Friction Level (also known as the "Coefficient of Friction").

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Material Code   Type   Description Friction Level  
TF-NTZG Sintered Iron Sintered Brake Pads 0.48
TF1100NA Carbon Composite Gasket - Compressed Sheet with Carbon Fibers 0.45
TF1200 Compression Molded Industry Standard for Flat Sheets 0.41
TF1250 Compression Molded 0.39
TF1300 Compression Molded Off-road Wheel Brake Sets 0.38
TF1350 Compression Molded Max Thermal Diffusion for Expander Tube Linings 0.43
TF1427 Flexible Molded Hi-tensile GG Friction for Flex-molded Lining 0.45
TF1460 Flexible Molded Flex-mold curable to Rigid-mold in any size 0.45
TF1478 Flexible Molded Hi-tensile Bonding Segments 0.54
TF1600-MC Friction Paper TF1600-MC2 is a high performance, high friction, non-metal composite material containing a high percentage of aramid fiber. It can be considered as an alternative for sintered metal materials and offers many advantages. It will resist high energy inputs and is suitable for both dry and oil-immersed applications. It is not abrasive to the drum or rotor, is silent in operation and it resists high pressures. The wear rate is low even at high temperatures. TF1600-MC2 is available in thicknesses from 0.6mm to 7.5mm. 0.50
TF1601 Kevlar Paper Science Friction -- Medium Kevlar 0.48
TF1800 Compression Molded Gear Tooth Facings 0.43
TF1820 Compression Molded Premium Organic Gear Tooth Facings 0.40
TF1850 Compression Molded Metallic Densified for Gear Tooth Facings 0.45
TF1890 Compression Molded OEM Grade for GT Strength 0.50
TF1993 Compression Molded Medium Organic for Underground Mining Pucks 0.51
TF2000 Woven / Molded Hybrids Clutch Facings: copper-reinforced woven 0.42
TF2000VR Woven / Molded Hybrids Industrial. Agricultural, Construction Clutches 0.45
TF2006 Woven / Molded Hybrids High Strength for Clutch Facings 0.39
TF2016 Woven / Molded Hybrids Cluthch Facings: Kevlar-reinforced for OE performance 0.46
TF2020 Woven / Molded Hybrids Clutch Facings: severe duty woven 0.40
TF2025 Woven / Molded Hybrids Clutch Facings: Brass Plus Reinforced 0.40
TF202AF Injection Molded Injection Molded - Medium Duty 0.42
TF2050 Compression Molded Dependable economy clutch facings 0.41
TF2100 Compression Molded Metallic Densified for HD Industrial use 0.38
TF2666 Compression Molded High Static Friction for Precision Devices and Robotics 0.60
TF3020 Woven / Molded Hybrids Low Kevlar Laminate 0.46
TF3025 Woven/Molded Hybrids High Kevlar Laminate-Non Metallic 0.31
TF3025-M Woven / Molded Hybrids High Kevlar Metallic Laminate 0.33
TF3080 Compression Molded Engineered for Torque Limiters 0.45
TF3400 Compression Molded Superior Grip and Rivetability 0.48
TF4242 Flexible Molded Flexible w/ High Rubber for Heavy Loads 0.50
TF4511 Compression Molded Non-scoring Lo-Co Friction Composite 0.31
TF4800 Compression Molded Lo-coefficent Friction 0.18
TF600 Woven Woven Roll Lining 0.45
TF6050 Compression Molded High Coefficient for Static & Dynamic Friction Consistency 0.51
TT132 Sintered Bronze OE premium sintered material suitable for industrial brake and transmission applications 0.13
TT137 Pressure-driven Sintered Bronze CFW Pressure-driven Sintered Bronze Facings 0.14
TT150 Bronze Ceramic Bronze Ceramic Clutch Buttons 0.47
TTP125 Paper Friction Paper 0.14