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Welcome to ProTec.

We work with customers in many industries on a wide array of brake and clutch applications. Whether you are looking for a particular part or a specially-engineered friction solution, chances are we can help.

If you like what you see but need more detailed information,  please call and ask to speak with an application specialist.

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Industry Market Typical Applications/Products
Aerospace Commercial Aircraft Steel Brake Rings & Insulators
Agriculture Lawn & Garden Mower Blade Brake; Platform Positioning
  Production Farming Tractor Wet Brake & Clutch
Commercial Marine Tugboats, Barges, Winches Brake Pads & Bearings for propeller shaft/rudder/steering; Bladder Brakes; Wet Transmission Discs
Construction Road Building Truck Blocks; Tractor Wet Transmission Gears
  Hoist Cranes Wheel Brakes; Gear Tooth Facings
  Excavation Trucks & Tractors; Steer Brakes; Dragline; Wheel Brakes
  Buildings/Structures Vibration Control; Friction Joints
Energy Hydrocarbon drilling Drawworks Brakes; Power Transmission Gears; Truck/Trailer Blocks
  Hydro-Power Generation Turbine Brake Block; Spherical Bearings
  Wind Turbine Rotor & Yaw Brakes; Load Mgmt - Torque Limiters
  Mining: Surface, Underground, Quarry Wet Brake & Clutch; Underground Brake Pucks; Dry Caliper Service Brakes
  Solar Positioning Spacers
Industrial - Various OEM Brake/Clutch Electromagnetic Brakes
  OEM Brake/Clutch Caliper Brakes
  OEM Brake/Clutch Yaw Brakes
  OEM Brake/Clutch Rotor Brakes; Piston-type Brakes
  OEM Brake/Clutch Static Brakes; Holding Brakes; Tension Brakes
  OEM Brake/Clutch Torque Limitors
  OEM Brake/Clutch Water-cooled Brakes
  OEM Brake/Clutch Friction Gaskets
  OEM Brake/Clutch Punch Die Press Blocks; Snowmen
  OEM Brake/Clutch Motor Brakes; Mechanical Clutches
Manufacturing Comercial Washing Machines Vibration Control; Drum Brake
  Pulp & Paper Mills Winder Blocks; Airflex Expander Tube Clutch Tire; Gears
  Aluminum Mills Run Out Cooling Table Rollers
  Steel Mills Straddle Carrier & Overhead Crane Brakes
  Metal Stamping Press Brakes, Clutch Packs; Bodymaker Brakes
Material Management Overhead Crane Static and Dynamic Brakes; Wet/Dry Brake/Transmission
  Fork Lifts Wheel Braking; Wet/Dry Brake/Transmission
  Port Cranes & Straddle carriers Wheel Braking; Power Lift; Load Control; Wet/Dry Brake/Transmission
Military Tanks, Trucks, Planes, Heliocopters Park & Service Brakes; Specialized Friction Parts
Transportation Bus: Transit & Coach Disc & Drum Brakes for Transit, Coach, Para-transit, School
  Truck & Trailer Drum Brake & Clutch for heavy duty and severe service applications
  Light/Medium Duty Trucks Drum & Disc Brake
  Automotive HD (police, ambulance, taxi) Brake Pads
  Automotive High Performance Competition Clutch for Street; Drag and Track Racing; Tractor Pulls
  Railroad - Light/Commuter Brake Pads, Pivot Plates, Arc Chutes
  Railroad - HD Freight Composition Brake Shoes; Wear friction parts
  Motorcycles & Go Carts Heavy Duty & Performance Clutch
Miscellaneous Sealing Gasketing & Mechanical Packing
  Insulation Refractory Products Hi-temp Textiles
  Bearings Composite Bushings & Wear Parts