Protec Strategic Friction
  • Commercial

    Commercial Marine:

    OE supplied Twiflex brake pads for a motorized barge shaft brake needed costly replacement 5x per year.

    ProTec bonded a Kevlar over-layer to protect OE conventional friction from rapid wear.

    Customer Comment:
    “We have doubled our wear life, eliminated dust, smoothed brake engagement….and now we get flawless brake performance.”

  • Freight Rail
    Car Hand-Brakes

    Freight Rail Car Hand-Brakes:

    Global manufacture of freight rail cars sought to develop a new supply of brake friction that would exceed stringent company, industry and regulatory standards and reduce costs to support Company’s pricing strategy.

    We collaborated with the company to understand engineering requirements & limitations, through all phases of design, testing and approvals. Deploying its network of friction application engineers, we sourced the optimal combination of materials and manufacturing systems, achieving a 35% savings.

  • Paper Mill
    Winder Brakes

    Paper Mill Winder Brakes:

    Reduce machine downtime outside of scheduled maintenance due to premature brake lining wear.

    Replaced existing conventional molded brake pads with innovative Kevlar-infused compressed woven. Achieved double the wear life.

    Customer Comment:
    “Finally. Thank you ProTec”

  • Transit

    Transit Bus:

    Major metropolitan transit agency under severe budgetary pressure due to the high labor cost of in-house brake shoe maintenance.

    Helped agency to dramatically lower labor costs by outsourcing maintenance while also achieving higher brake system performance by switching from bolt-on style to a unique bonded & bolt-on style.

  • ProTec


    Seek out production and friction material innovations from around the globe and make these available to North American brake and clutch manufacturers.

    ProTec’s ConsultSF service locates, develops and Americanizes diverse friction technologies, applying them to solve customer challenges ranging from new product development to cost reduction. ProTec also helps off-shore friction manufacturers to establish and grow their brand through market development and technology transfers.

  • Hydro
    Power Plant

    Hydro Power Plant:

    A hydroelectric plant needed to replace old turbine brakes with neither specs nor precise dimensions available.

    ProTec reverse engineered the brake pads from photographs and brake system schematic drawings.

    Customer Comment:
    “...we had equipment down and had to find replacement parts fast. Jerry Thompson got our repair on track in just a couple of days.”

  • Science Friction
    Oil/Gas Drilling Rigs

    Science Friction for Oil/Gas Drilling Rigs:

    Oil and gas drilling rigs, often located adjacent to population centers, create loud squealing excess noise as very high heat is thrown off conventional brake lining into brake drum.

    ProTec’s TF1600 high Kevlar material absorbs enough heat to reduce brake drum operating temperatures by 70%. Noise? No Noise.